Look to Us for a High-Quality Plumbing Service in Wandsworth

If you live in the Wandsworth area and suddenly have a clogged drain that you can’t unclog yourself, your solution is simple. One call to MULTIServe Property Care and your problem will be solved in no time. We can service all of your plumbing needs from clogged drains to refurbishing your bathroom and everything in between. All of this can be resolved with a simple phone call.

What Can We Do for You?

At MULTIServe, we offer a wide variety of professional services. In fact, if you are looking for a high-quality plumbing service in Wandsworth, you should not look any further. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Removing radiator airlocks.
  • Connecting waste pipes.
  • Design and installation of your central heating system.
  • Replacing Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs).
  • Installation of showers, washing machines and outside taps.
  • Installation of underfloor heating systems.
  • Hanging and moving radiators.
  • Installation of both small and large plumbing fixtures and equipment.

Our plumbing services in Wandsworth include nearly every type of plumbing need. Thus, if there is something you need to be done that isn’t on this list, just give us a call. It is highly likely that we will be able to assist you with that as well!

What Should You Do Next?

A top-notch plumbing service in Wandsworth is not difficult to find. Our professional engineers have all the requisite training to complete your job properly on the first try. They have the knowledge to answer all of your questions. Additionally, they are experienced in a number of areas ranging from basic repairs to the repair and installation of major appliances and equipment.
If you need a quote or simply have questions, you can call us or send us an online query. At MULTIServe, you can be rest assured that all of your plumbing needs will be handled in a competent manner both today and every day.

Handyman UK

  • From £80 per hour
  • Monday- Friday 8:00 to 18:00
  • No call out fees
  • One hour minimum charge
  • We also accept cash or cheques
  • 020 8682 7700