We Offer a Variety of Refurbishment Services in South West London

A refurbishment is an improvement on an original creation. MULTIServe has plumbers, handymen and designers all ready to improve the look and function of any room in your house. Some people have kitchen floors that need polishing, while others have floors that need replacing altogether. You should not underestimate the importance of changing your home for the better. Making a simple change is guaranteed to change the way that people enter your house. MULTIServe professionals are able to provide all types of refurbishment services in South West London.

Refurbished Plastering and Painting

People know what painting is, but they may not know about our plastering services in South West London. Plastering is the work of adding plaster to your walls for structural or decorative purposes. We use this material to fill in cracks, smooth out bulges on the surface or fill in missing parts.

Refurbished Tiling and Flooring

No matter which type of floor you want, we will install it for you. The interior styles of homes hardly ever stay the same in South West London. Nowadays, you have many different types of floors to choose from, such as carpet, vinyl, wood, and tile.

Refurbished Kitchen, Bedroom or Attic Work

The styles of homes vary significantly in the Southwestern parts of London. We have carpenters handle any level of carpentry work. We build new cabinets for the kitchen, install new shelves for the office or replace the floors in the attic.

Refurbished Patio Projects

A patio is subjected to all kinds of abuses from the environment. Find many ways to maintain your patio when you request refurbishment services in South West London.

If you need a new kitchen or bathroom, but you cannot afford it, you could get a refurbished one. Save money and get a brand-new look at the same time. MULTIServe has a whole team of experts ready to get the work done for you. Call us to see which prices and services we offer for your project.