Signs You Should Invest in Our Refurbishment Services in South London

Our company MULTIServe specialises in refurbishment services in South London, specifically the kitchen and the bathroom. These two rooms are the two rooms that most often require a refurbishment or renovation because they suffer the most wear and tear over the years. There are certain tell-tale signs you should not ignore which may be indicating your home is in need of a refurbishment starting with:

The Room Is Drab and Out-dated

Do you feel uninspired or saddened by the appearance of your bathroom or kitchen? Then it is certainly time to make changes. Our team of experts will be able to step in and turn your existing room into a peaceful sanctuary or the perfect place for friends and family to gather. Some of the services we provide include:

  • The removal and installation of new flooring (including tiling, wood, wood laminate, carpeting, vinyl, and more).
  • Exterior and interior painting.
  • Interior plastering.
  • Numerous carpentry tasks (including cabinetry, wall units, and other shelving solutions).

The Appliances and Fixtures Are Broken

Another reason why customers call us here at MULTIServe for refurbishment services in South London is because their appliances and fixtures are damaged, worn out or broken. For a lot of home and property owners this is the perfect opportunity to renovate the kitchen or bathroom (particularly as a renovation may be required to accommodate the new fixtures and appliances).

There Are Structural Issues

Your home may be telling you that it is time for a refurbishment because there are pressing structural issues that need to be addressed. For example, if there has been water damage in your kitchen or bathroom, our refurbishment experts will be able to ensure that your brand new room is not only renovated to be modern and beautiful, but also that it is built to code.