Why Hire Our Handyman in South London and Not a General Contractor

A common question that customers ask us here at MULTIServe is whether they should be hiring a general contractor or whether they should hire a handyman in South London. Both may be able to complete a job, but one may be better qualified than the other depending on what services you may require.

What Jobs Do Handymen Do?

Here in South West London, handymen may be able to complete a variety of tasks. Some of our company’s most popular handyman jobs include:

  • Fitting locks.
  • Repairing windows.
  • Sealing and regrouting around tubs, sinks, and more.
  • Hanging pictures and shelves.
  • Installing bath screens.
  • Adjusting doors.
  • Changing light bulbs.

When Would I Need A General Contractor?

Whether or not you will need a general contractor will depend on the type and the scope of the project at hand. For example, if you are planning on a larger project that will involve a number of different tasks and tradespeople, a general contractor would be a more appropriate fit given that they should have experience in coordinating these projects.

Why Call a Handyman?

The first reason why you arrange for a handyman in South London through us is because we are able to keep our rates significantly lower than a general contractor is. We even offer half day and full day discounted rates so that you can be sure that all of the tasks you need to have completed by our handyman will be at a price you can afford.

When we hire our handymen, we also ensure that they have the qualifications and the skills necessary to complete a variety of odd jobs around the home. Finally, our handymen are friendly and personable while simultaneously making sure that every job they perform on your property is completed to your expectations.

Handyman Services UK

  • From £65 per hour
  • Monday- Friday 8:00 to 18:00
  • No call out fees
  • One hour minimum charge
  • We also accept cash or cheques
  • 020 8682 7700