Multiserve Gas Engineers are registered with Gas Safe!

Gas Boiler systems do what they say they do – they work off Gas! So it’s essential (and it’s law!) that any Boiler work, repair, maintenance, service or installation is carried out by a qualified and registered Gas Safe engineer. At Multiserve, ours are. What’s more, they’re experienced! We’re happy to say that they’re polite, friendly and professional too!

A Multiserve Gas engineer is qualified to help with:

  • Boiler breakdowns and repairs
  • Boiler maintenance including Power Flushes and Services
  • Boiler installations
  • New radiators or radiator problems
  • Heating issues
  • No hot water, not-hot-enough water or hot water problems
  • An obsolete boiler

They’re also qualified to carry out annual Gas Safety Inspections (CP12′s) and issue CP12 certificates for Landlords – a legal requirement for people letting out properties! For more information on CP12′s visit our Landlord Services page.

Multiserve is pleased to currently be able to offer a new boiler with standard installation from as little as £1650 (*subject to survey)

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If you smell Gas or suspect a Gas Leak it’s important that you call British Gas immediately on 0800 111 999 – then give MULTIServe Gas Work a call to see how we can help.

Some of the reasons you may need a Multiserve Gas Engineer:

  • My home has no heating system. You’ll be keen to get a boiler and heating system installed so that you can enjoy a warm home and hot water as soon as possible! MULTIServe Heating has a team of qualified, Gas Safe registered engineers who have experience in installing residential boilers and heating systems.
  • My boiler’s broken down. No heating and hot water is frustrating, uncomfortable and inconvenient. MULTIServe Gas Engineers have experience in boiler diagnosis and do there best to get your home up and running again with heat and hot water.
  • My boiler has broken down and I’ve been advised it will cost too much to fix. A boiler works hard – so sometimes when they reach a certain age, they fail (break down!) – and they can be costly to repair. The boiler fix can sometimes also prove ineffective – often you may find that when one part is repaired, other parts start to fail. This is simply due to the age of the boiler. The result is that you can end up throwing good money after bad and, in hindsight, wish you’d just installed a new boiler to start off with. You might be pleasantly surprised at the cost of a replacement system – which MULTIServe Heating engineers are fully qualified and registered to install. MULTIServe prides itself on its open and honest approach – so we’ll never tell you you need a new boiler unless our qualified Gas Engineer really believes that this is what’s required – or you specifically ask for a new boiler.
  • My boiler is obsolete. You may find that it’s impossible to get replacement parts for your boiler. At this point you’ll need to consider its replacement. MULTIServe Heating can help with this process from quote stage through to completion of installation and showing you how your new heating system works.
  • My gas bills are high. Utility bills have risen in the past few years but these price increases are due to economic reasons out of our control. Sometimes however, gas bills are can be reduced by installing a new, different type of heating system. An example of this is the high efficiency condensing boiler – which uses less gas while its working! This means they cost less to run – which means you pay less! Such a high efficiency system can lead to savings on gas bills – which will enable you to recoup the initial outlay for the new boiler relatively quickly – and then benefit from the on-going extra savings. MULTIServe Heating’s team of Gas Engineers are fully qualified to install to completion such high efficiency condensing boilers.
  • My heating system doesn’t let me control the heat in my house the way I want to. Older heating systems tend to allow you less control over heat and hot water temperatures than their newer counterparts. Newer, more modern heating systems are designed to give the user more flexibility – so you get to choose the temperatures you want your radiators and hot water to be – thereby making things the way you like them! MULTIServe Heating Engineers are qualified to install boilers – and more than happy to teach you how your new heating system works before they leave.
  • My heating is working but my radiators aren’t getting as hot as they used to. In which case a simple Boiler Service may be the answer or a Power Flush. MULTIServe Heating Gas Engineers are qualified to carry out Boiler Services and Power Flushes.
  • I need a CP12 (Gas Safety Certificate) done for the property that I let. MULTIServe Gas Safe registered engineers carry out hundred of Gas Safety checks and issue CP12 certificates to our Landlord customers each year. Visit our Gas Safe or Landlord Services pages for more information.