Handyman in Putney? Handyman in Wimbledon? We have a MULTIserve London Handyman for all your odd jobs throughout the whole of London

At MULTIserve we have a team of qualified, experienced Handymen who can help with all those small, odd jobs around the house or in the office. Members of the MULTIServe Handyman Team work quickly and efficiently to get the job done. What’s more, our Handymen are able to nip around London on (Low Emission) scooters – which means they get to jobs faster, have less trouble parking – and get to you on time! We’re proud to say that they’re friendly, polite and tidy too!

Whether it’s your patio, decking or drive that needs cleaning, a door or picture you want hung, furniture that needs assembling or a lightbulb that needs changing, a MULTIServe London Handyman can help.

Some of our popular Handyman jobs include:

  • Hanging pictures
  • Flat-pack furniture assembly
  • Changing light bulbs
  • Adjusting doors
  • Fitting locks
  • Window repairs
  • Tiling repairs
  • Hanging blinds/ curtains
  • Hanging pictures & shelves
  • Sealing & regrouting
  • Bath screen installations

Half-day and Day rates are also available if you want our handyman to tackle all those odd jobs for you in one visit. Visit our Rates page for more information.

Handyman Services UK

  • From £65 per hour
  • Monday- Friday 8:00 to 18:00
  • No call out fees
  • One hour minimum charge
  • We also accept cash or cheques
  • 020 8682 7700