Landlord Services

Multiserve is proud of the ongoing relationships we hold with London Landlords! We’re really proud of the long-term relationships we hold with our Landlord customers. We’ve been dealing with single property and multiple property London Landlords for ten years now and value the fact that many of our Landlord customers have been using us year in, year out for advice and property maintenance services. Because we ‘know our stuff’ we’re able to advise Landlords of their legal requirements some of which are detailed below.

Landlords!!! Meet your legal Gas Safety obligations:

By having a CP12 boiler inspection by Multiserve Gas. By law, as a residential Landlord, you are required to have this CP12 boiler inspection (or Gas Safety certificate) each year. Once the inspection has been carried out and the system has passed the test, we’ll send you the copies of the Gas Safety (CP12) certificate that you will need to keep a record of or provide your letting agent with a copy of. What’s more, Multiserve Gas will keep on record the date of the last inspection carried out and then send you a reminder 11 months later – so you’ll know that the annual inspection time is drawing near. In instances where the boiler has failed the CP12 inspection (we’ll still charge you for this), our qualified Gas Safe registered engineer will write a report outlining the reason for failure and a member of our office team will then send you this report together with a possible solution for you to review. (Multiserve Gas will be able to provide the solution too!)

Have your investment property’s Boiler serviced

This isn’t a legal requirement – but it’s often a wise move. During the winter months, boilers work hard at keeping a home and the water in the home, warm. Like everything (and everyone!) hard work without too much care won’t last forever – and boilers that are not serviced for a number of years often break down or carry on working – but work inefficiently. This leads to high gas bills and – at worst – cold tenants! Often a boiler that has not been taken care of – and serviced fairly regularly – will break down. In some instances a repair will be possible whilst in other cases a completely new heating system will be needed in order to heat the property and its water. Either way, caring for your boiler – and servicing it – will cost a little each year for a potential large saving in the future.
Multiserve Gas engineers are able to carry out a boiler service at a rate of £ 90.00 (+ VAT) per Boiler. We’re also able to offer a combined deal – a CP12 and Boiler Service Combined – for just £ 150.00 (+ VAT) per property. (Visit our Rates page for more information). If we’re unable to issue a certificate due to the fact that the boiler has failed the test or we’re unable to carry out the boiler service due to system problems, we’ll give you a full report – and we won’t charge you for the service! Your only charge will be the CP12 inspection fee.

Have a PAT Test done at your investment property

This isn’t an annual legal requirement of residential Landlords – but it is law that a Landlord has a PAT test carried out at the property each time new tenants move in. An estate agent or letting agent, before letting your property for you, will usually ask for your PAT Test certificate.

A PAT Test is an electrical test that is carried out on the plug and power points of a property to ensure the safety of the points. Members of the Multiserve Electrical team are qualified electricians and able to carry out such PAT Tests. Multiserve will then provide you, the Landlord, with a PAT Test certificate which you can then pass on to your letting agent or keep for your own records.

A Multiserve PAT Test is charged at £90/15 appliances (+ VAT). This rate applies even if your property fails the test).

Other ways Multiserve can help you take care of, maintain or spruce up your investment:

  • general Plumbing, Heating and Boiler Works as well as CP12 certificates, Boiler Services or Boiler Installations
  • electrical works, PAT Testing and rewiring
  • painting, decorating and sprucing up (small and large jobs)
  • general maintenance and Handyman jobs
  • bathroom and kitchen refurbishments and installations
  • walling (tiling and painting), flooring (carpeting or laying wood or laminate floor)
  • and much more.