Sell your property fast- Breathing life into your home!

Selling your home quickly is about giving your property the edge. Here are just a few ways of breathing life into your home:

Lick of paint: It might sound cosmetic but a new coat of paint (keep the colour neutral) can make a property feel clean and cared for. While you’re at it, replace any rotting window timbers or loose tiles- First impressions count

Add some parking: If you have a tatty unused front garden, it could be worth converting the space into an off-road parking area. Depending on the surface, this can be a cost-efficient way to add value to your property

Get planning permission: A property that comes with planning permission can often tempt buyers who have long term ambitions for the property. Get an architect to draw up plans for an extension, spend a bit of time getting them through planning and you could find yourself with a very desirable property. It’s about giving your property the edge over others

Convert the loft: Loft conversions are not cheap or always straightforward but they can add considerable value to a property, particularly when space is at a premium. According to recent research, a good loft conversion can add 10 to 15 % to the value of a London home

Add a conservatory: The key to a successful conservatory is to make sure it flows from your existing rooms, rather than looking as if it’s been tacked onto the outside

Install a new kitchen: The kitchen is what most house hunters will look at first. Sparkling work surfaces and new appliances can entice a wavering buyer. The current trend is for open plan living, so make sure your kitchen has a good sense of space

Add an extra bathroom: Bigger homes need more bathrooms; in big homes a good bathroom count is really important. Also, make sure all your existing bathrooms are spotless, it sets the right tone