What You Should Expect from Your Electrician in Wandsworth

Did the outlet stop working? Does your home suffer from chronic flickering lights? These are just two of the common reasons why one would ring an electrician in Wandsworth. Home and business owners should expect their problem to be solved by the electrician, but we at Multiserve feel that electricians should do more than simply finish the job.

Electricians Should Have Proof of Credentials

Professional electricians should never show up at the job without being fully licensed and insured. If the electrician visiting your home is unable to provide you with proof of both, you may want to consider hiring them for the job.

Electricians Should Be On Time

No one enjoys sitting around at home for hours waiting for the electrician to arrive. Punctuality is something that one should expect from their electrician in Wandsworth. If an emergency situation arises and he or she will be running late, our electricians place a phone call as soon as possible.

Electricians Should Be Professional

Our handymen and electricians at Multiserve pride ourselves on not only maintaining a professional appearance, but in also conducting ourselves in a professional way. We aim to be friendly, informative and present our customers with all of their options for solving an electrical issue without any pressure to hire us for services or repairs. Your electrician in Wandsworth should speak in plain language and not use industry jargon which may be confusing.

Electricians Should Advise You of the Price

Routine calls typically come with a fixed price. When customers give us a call, we inform them of the cost prior to performing the project. Larger jobs which may be beyond the standard service work typically require estimates. In most cases, we offer free estimates so that business and homeowners understand the price before signing any contracts.