Wet Cellar Advice from a Professional Plumber in Wimbledon

Since Multiserve opened its doors for business in 2012, we have quickly become known as the ones to call in the Wimbledon area whenever homeowners and businesses have a plumbing problem or project. One common issue that a plumber in Wimbledon hears about during this time of year is a wet cellar or basement. With the increase of rain showers in the spring, many in the UK find themselves at an increased risk of cellar leaks and floods. Whenever there is water in unwanted places, there are likely some serious problems.

Don’t let your wet basement put a damper on your plans. Our Multiserve professionals have put together some key pieces of advice that can save your cellar and your home.

Learn About the Signs Of Water Damage

Do not wait until you discover mould or discoloured walls. There are some tell-tale signs that a plumber in Wimbledon will be able to go over with you so you can address any potential plumbing issue as quickly as possible.

Don’t Wait

We have seen first-hand the negative effects of a homeowner or business owner waiting too long to fix a plumbing issue. Get on top of it as soon as possible to reduce any damaging effects

Clean Your Gutters

Twice a year is ideal, but clearing out your gutters at least once a year during the spring will help keep your property properly drained. While you’re at it, point any spouts away from the edges of the home so that your home’s foundation won’t be put at risk.

Invest in Exterior Waterproofing

Over time, the concrete foundation of your home will become increasingly porous. This allows for cracks to develop which then act as passageways for water to enter and cause damage. Call a plumber in Wimbledon for more information on how you can proactively protect your home through exterior weatherproofing.