Three Tips for Hiring a Licensed Plumber in Clapham

Have a large plumbing project in the works? Then you will likely be placing a phone call to a plumber in Clapham. In the UK, a plumber should be licensed before performing any work in or around your home. A licensed plumber at Multiserve proves that the professional you are considering for the job has the training and liability insurance necessary to protect you and your assets should a plumbing project go awry.

Other Reasons to Choose a Licensed Plumber in Clapham

Apart from receiving a guarantee that the plumber will have the training necessary to do the job to code, we recommend that everyone hire a licensed plumber for the following two reasons:

a) Licensed plumbers carry worker’s compensation insurance. This is important. If an unlicensed or uninsured plumber is injured on your premises, you will be held liable.

b) Licensed plumbers have a valid contract. Choose an unlicensed plumber in Clapham and whatever contract you thought was binding will turn out to be null and void.

How to Hire a Licensed Plumber

When customers are considering us at Multiserve for a project, we expect (and hope!) that they go over the following details:

1. Job References: The plumber you’re considering should have at least a handful of great job references, preferably pertaining to the plumbing task you’re looking for.

2. Estimates: We recommend that our clients obtain a minimum of three estimates. This will give you a good idea of what a fair price will be, and will allow you to negotiate better contracts and pricing.

3. Written Contract: Verbal contracts are not enough and could result in a lengthy and costly lawsuit. Obtain absolutely everything in writing and down to the smallest detail as necessary. This protects you as well as the plumber in Clapham you choose for the job.