The Sound of Dripping Can Spell Disaster, We are the Plumbers to Call in South London!

Every homeowner’s worst nightmare is to return home after time away to find the goldfish happily swimming in a foot of water covering all the floors. Short of sitting down and crying, what do you do? Where do you start? The amount of damage that can occur from leaky or broken pipes can be substantial – especially if it is not caught right away. When problems arise needing a plumber in South London, having a reliable number to call, such as MULTIServe is a must!

What Plumbing Problems Can We Help With?

Regardless of the problem you have, from leaky kitchen faucets to a busted water pipe, we are here to help. Many customers do not realize how quickly the tiniest leak can turn into a large problem only a plumber in South London can solve. This is why immediate intervention is required. What may have started out as a small £100 job can fast cost ten times that amount if you do not call to have it repaired right away.

What Makes MULTIServe Different When Disaster Strikes?

There are plenty of adequate plumbers out there just waiting for a call from customers, so why are we any better? For more than ten years we have been providing plumbing services to homeowners, property managers, business owners, letting agents, and many others. They know that we will get on the scene as fast as we can, and start work before any further damage occurs. Depending on how invasive the water damage is, it is likely that you may also need the services of an electrician and other professionals to set your home to rights.

We are able to provide not only plumbers in South London, but also licensed experts in other areas as well. Customers are able to keep their costs down because we are a one-stop shop for reliable and professional help in a variety of areas.