Four Spring Plumbing Tips from Your Neighbourhood Plumber in South London

The warmer temperatures are finally here and winter is taking a hike for another few months. While most of us in the UK are excited about the prospect of summer, the arrival of spring isn’t without a set of potential setbacks and headaches which could lead to the need to call a plumber in South London. As much as we love chatting with customers and solving plumbing problems, we at Multiserve have compiled a list of four spring plumbing tips so that your spring can go as smoothly as possible.

Spring Plumbing Tips for in and Around the Home

Spring is a great time of year to perform a simple inspection of you visible plumbing equipment. Take a stroll around the home and look for any cracks or leaks around the faucets or your toilets. If you have any concerns, even those which are minor, now is a good time to call a Multiserve plumber in South London. Taking care of potential issues now can save you stress and money.

If you turned up the temperature of you water heater over the winter, we recommend turning it back down to normal levels. Water that is excessively hot is not only a safety hazard, but it is draining you in utility costs.

For the snowbirds who take off during the winter months, pour some water down your drains. This will help prevent any nasty odours from entering the home as well as prevent the p-trap from becoming dry and brittle.

Though we did not receive a lot of snow this year, for those years when we in London may still have melting snow around the perimeter of the home, try to remove it as soon as possible. Melting snow can seep through foundational cracks and cause water damage to you home. If you spot any water damage, do not delay and call a plumber in South London as soon as it is spotted.